CSC Brunswick Forest Shelmore Shag



A very special THANK YOU goes out to all the members and friends of the Coastal Shag Club who donated their time, energy, souls, and "soles" to help us with the Brunswick Forest Shelmore Shag.  Several couples danced more than one day and one weekend.  But even if you were there for only a few hours, we truly appreciate your support.

The event was really more like a shag-a-thon/marathon.  Someone had to be dancing at all times (March 7/8 & March 14/15 - from noon to 4pm each day).  Because of you, we raised a whopping $2,000.  This money will go along way and help us reach our fundraising goals for 2009.

Thank you,

The Officers and Board Members of the Coastal Shag Club!


Coastal Shag Club Shelmore Shag 'Shakers'

Eunice Allison

Alexa Boyd

Cassie Boyd

Pat Boyd

Teresa Boyd

Jim Bruno

Pam Bruno

Patty Carmody

Ralph Carmody

Shirley Courtney

Bob Cozzi

Claire Cozzi

Matt Dillon

Catherine Donovan

Roy Herring

Thelma Herring

Maureen Knox

Woody Knox

Bobby Rains

Nancy Rains

Julie Rogers

Mike Rogers

Donna Rosen

Dean Saffos

Mary Margaret Saffos

Gary Sellers

Jo Sellers

Danny Smith

Kim Smith (& fantastic friend Brenda)

Jim Sterner

Cecilia Weston

Ken Weston

Clem Wurtz

Joan Wurtz ( & 6 fantastic friends)