SOS 2009 Spring Safari Parade

Check out some party pics from of Coastal Shag Club's WINNING entry into the SOS Spring Safari parade. 

Congratulations to Gary Sellers and his committee (see list below) on creating the 2nd Place 'Best Dance Troup' award winning parade entry.  'Shagging On the Wild Side!'  Also, kudos for Gary donating our club's $150 winnings to the North Myrtle Beach Fire Victims and starting that trend during the awards ceremony.  Nobody does it better than Coastal Shag and Gary Sellers proved it to the shag world!!!

Click here for Gary's Recap!

Thanks to Roy Herring for taking such fantastic photos...


Committee Chair

Gary Sellers


Committee Members

Pat Boyd

Teresa Boyd

Pam Bruno

Bob Cozzi

Claire Cozzi

Dave Cyrulik

Kathy Cyrulik

Matt Dillon

John Evans

Pam Evans

Roy Herring

Thelma Herring

Karen Piccolo

Mike Piccolo

Bobby Rains

Nancy Rains

Julie Rogers

Mike Rogers

Dean Saffos

Jo Sellers