Coastal Shag Club Nomination/Volunteer Request!!!

Dear Coastal Shag Club Membership:

In January 2018, our Shag Club celebrated its Tenth Anniversary with a great party at Fat Harold’s. Throughout this decade, we have had outstanding leadership, primarily from the same individuals year after year. It is now time for other members to become more involved and accept leadership roles. If other members do not step forward, our Club is at risk of folding.

The Officers needed for 2019 are as follows:    




          Board Members

In addition to these available Board positions, we need members to assist with running our dances. This includes:Setting-Up Tables, Serving as Greeters, Working the Sign-in Desk & Selling 50/50 Raffle Tickets.

If you are willing to serve as an Officer or a Board Member, please contact a member of our Board. All of the Board Members will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We look forward to celebrating many more years as a Shag Club but this is all dependent upon our Membership stepping up and volunteering their time.


Coastal Shag Club Board:

Pam Bruno         President            Phone: 910-575-0859

Gary Tilley          Vice President    Phone: 540-808-6765

John Lupi            Treasurer           Phone: 910-579-7929

Roy Herring        Secretary            Phone: 910-575-7191

Bill Anderson      Board Member   Phone: 828-506-7853

Jim Bruno           Board Member   Phone: 910-534-5565

Debbie Gentry    Board Member   Phone: 910-232-3390

Thelma Herring  Board Member   Phone: 910-575-7191

Dean Saffos       Board Member   Phone: 910-977-1045

Pat Boyd            Sgt. of Arms        Phone: 910-279-6007