What the New Shagger Wants to Know

1.  MUSIC:  We dance to a certain kind of music known as BEACH MUSIC.  It ranges from new songs to some extremely old music.  Today's shag music can encompass any tune that falls within a range of about 115-130 beats per minute that a person finds suitable for the shag.  What is shag music?


a. You may purchase CD’s, instructional DVD’s, and tapes at the following store:

                      Judy's House of Oldies                    

                         300 Main Street                                 

                         North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582         

                        (843) 249-8649                                   


b. Radio Stations - we have one great local beach music radio station you can set your dial to and many more online shows available.

94.9 The Surf                              


2.  SHOES/DRESS CODE: There are no strict dress codes for shaggers, aside from our shoes to allow easier spinning and sliding.

a.  We dance mainly on leather or smooth soled shoes.  You may purchase both men’s and lady’s dance shoes at the following stores.

The Shoe Center                              Judy’s House of Oldies

710 Highway 17 South                          300 Main Street

North Myrtle Beach, SC                       North Myrtle Beach, SC

843-272-6515                                    843-249-8649


b.  As for a 'dress code' there is a lot of flexibility - but you will see a few trends when you're out dancing.

                    Men: Spring/Summer - Long cargo or dress shorts, a polo/knit shirt with a collar, or shag club logo shirt - socks optional

                                Fall/Winter - Anything from jeans to dress slacks with knit/camp/Hawaiian shirts that allow you to boogie freely


                    Ladies: Spring/Summer - Long shorts or Capris with a coordinating knit top, or a shag club logo shirt

                                    Fall/Winter - Anything from jeans to dress slacks, with coordinating tops - from simple solids to beads and sparkles. 

                              Ladies do a lot of spinning, so you don't see too many skirts out there.  You will also see a lot of glow accessories


 3.  SPECIAL PARTIES: SOS - You will hear this term over and over, which stands for Society of Stranders.  The Society of Stranders is owned and governed by the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs.  These Shag Clubs are required to meet certain standards to keep their memberships current.  YES - this organization is actually ORGANIZED!  There are currently over 100 recognized Shag Clubs.


Four times per year, Stranders meet to dance in the clubs at North Myrtle Beach (formerly Ocean Drive).  Think of it as 'spring break' for shaggers.  At these events, called SOS, attendees choose from seven to ten bars for dancing.  Some bars have two or three dance floors.  Live bands are featured, but mainly “accredited” Beach DJ’s offer music.  (Yes, even the DJ’s are organized).  Click here for more information on our DJs http://www.abscdj.com/


Dates for 2020 SOS: All of these events (and many others) can be found on the SOS website: www.shagdance.com.

Mid Winter

January 16 - 19

Spring Safari

April 16 - April 25

Junior SOS (These kids can really dance!)


Fall Migration

September 17-26

 a.  SOS COSTS: Yearly admission plastic cards are sold by the Shag Clubs ($30) or on-site at the SOS events ($35 - cash only).  These prices do not change and your card is good year-round.  This card allows you entrance into any shag venue during an SOS event and waives the cover charge.  Remember you will be there with about 10,000 of your closest friends.  Do not let this discourage you, as there are always good places to dance that are not that crowded.

b.  SOS DANCE LOCATIONS: Dance clubs are open year-round in North Myrtle Beach, NC.

Fat Harold’s

212 Main Street

North Myrtle, SC

Ducks’ and Ducks’ too

233 Main Street

North Myrtle, SC

Pirate's Cove

205 Main Street

North Myrtle, SC

OD Arcade

100 South Ocean Blvd

North Myrtle, SC

OD Pavilion (aka Pam's Palace)

91 Ocean Blvd

North Myrtle, SC

Spanish Galleon

100 North Ocean Blvd

North Myrtle, SC

                      Saville's On Second

                       1021 2nd N. Ste 1

                       North Myrtle, SC

 All of these Bars can be accessed on foot from one to the other.  They also offer sufficient alcohol for even the hardiest.  Most will also offer food for those in need.


4.  OUR CLUB: Your local Shag Club is: The Coastal Shag Club (also known as CSC).  You may contact us at: coastalshagclub@coastalshagclub.org.  Also, check out our website for lots of shag information at www.coastalshagclub.org.  CSC offers dancing the third Saturday of each month at the Calabash Elks Club - click here for map There is a full service cash bar and food can be purchased from the Elks Club at a very reasonable price.  We feature “certified” beach music DJ’s and club members and all of us have a great time. Our dance is from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.  We're a hospitable group and welcome all shaggers.


5.  CSC BOARD: Our club Board and Officers are made up of club members elected by popular vote.  All members are welcome to participate in the monthly meeting, which is usually held the first Thursday of the month, at 6pm.  Let it be known that our Shag Club is accredited and in good standing with The Association of Carolina Shag Clubs.  We currently have around 80 members, but we always welcome more.


Hopefully this document gets you started understanding shagging but if this does not answer all of your questions, please contact us at coastalshagclub@coastalshagclub.org You'll find shaggers a welcoming group who love to dance and have a good time!  Give it a try and you'll surely catch shag fever.  Keep Shaggin' and we hope to see y'all on the Dance Floor!


(article originally authored by Butch Underwood - Society of Brunswick Shaggers and modified)