History of the Coastal Shag Club



Eunice Allison and Danny Smith relocated to Brunswick County from the Southern Pines area and Eunice quickly found she missed her shag friends from home.  She looked around and found there was no where to shag in our area except north to Oak Island, NC, or south to North Myrtle Beach, SC.  Both options were too long of a drive.  She checked with her neighborhood facilities manager, Chris Lane, of the Brierwood Golf Club and asked if she could use the clubhouse to host a local shag party.  He agreed and Eunice put an announcement out in the Brunswick Beacon and word spread quickly through the Brunswick Parks and Recreation shag classes, given by Johnie and Henry Webster.  Shag dances were held at the clubhouse for about 10 months - with no charge for renting the clubhouse.  Shaggers from all experience levels came together each month and donated money to pay for the DJ.


Unexpectedly, Danny's mother needed to be moved to an assisted living home, about three hours from Brunswick County and Eunice and Danny found themselves driving back and forth to be with her every other weekend.  About the same time Chris Lane said he could no longer allow the shaggers to use the clubhouse rent free.  It just got to be too much for Eunice to organize all the events, find a new location for the dances, and find the monthly DJs, so she told the shaggers that had been coming each month she regretfully had to give it up. 


Well, the shaggers that had been coming had been growing in numbers and there were several who wanted to help keep it going and some who had previous experience organizing a new shag club.  The plan was agreed upon to form a 'true' shag club in south Brunswick County and the shaggers took the bull by the horns and that is how the Coastal Shag Club was formed as a sanctioned, organized shag club. 


Eunice took no personal credit for forming the club alone, but said it was due to the love of Shag and the wonderful friends she had made.  She felt it was all worth it - we all shared a part.  As for the rest of us in the club, we'll forever be grateful for Eunice taking those first steps to get us together and get the ball rolling and have it continue today.  Without her vision, we simply wouldn't exist.  Thank you Eunice!!


Sadly, Eunice Allison passed away June 3, 2013. She will forever be missed by her Coastal Shag Club friends and family, but we know she is "shadow shagging" in heaven with the best of them - organizing the dances, flashing her infectious smile, and keeping the dance going.