Coastal Shag Club Eunice Allison Scholarship Award      

Eunice Allison

Eunice Allison is credited with officially starting the Coastal Shag Club. She took no personal credit for forming the Coastal Shag Club alone, but said it was due to the love of Shag and the wonderful friends she had made. She felt it was all worth it and we all shared a part.

As for for the rest of us in the club, we'll always be grateful for Eunice taking those first steps to get us together and get the ball rolling. Without her vision, we simply wouldn't exist and we will always be grateful for Eunice's passion for Shag!

Sadly, Eunice Allison passed away June 3, 2013. She will forever be missed by her Coastal Shag Club friends and family, but we know she is "shadow shagging" in heaven with the best of them - organizing the dances, flashing her infectious smile, and keeping the dance going. Her legacy also continues with this $1,000 scholarship the Coastal Shag Club proudly provides in her honor.


Annual Recepients

2021 - Raylond Cameron Gilbert

2019 - Olivia Fluharty

2018- Wayne Linton

2017 - Anna Lynn Throckmortom

2015 - Brandon Simmons

2014 - Nicholas Scott Massey

2013 - Victoria Humphries