Coastal Shag Club March 16th Green and Gold Shag Dance!!




Find your favorite green outfit and grab your shag shoes! It's time to kick off spring with our March shag dance! Hope to see all your smiling faces!!

Members please bring an appetizer or dessert to share. The green beer is optional! Everyone please bring a friend, a neighbor, or a family member and let's share a great time together! Hope To See You There!



We STILL need a volunteer for our Secretary position. Won't YOU pitch in and have fun doing it??


2019 CSC Officers and Board Members

President - Dean Saffos

Vice President - Gary Tilley

Secretary - TBD (you??)

Treasurer - Lori Buck

Board Members - Bill Anderson, Jim Bruno, Debbie Gentry, Pam Evans, Pattie Tilley

Sergeant at Arms - Pam Bruno


Thank you to ALL who volunteered to lead us and keep this club going. We literally wouldn't be here without you.


We still NEED everyone's help and participation at dances and during fund raising events. Help plan the fun and sharing with CSC  leaders.  If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help see one of our current board members



Our DJ is CSC's own "Shag Monster Mike" Rogers. Mike loves to shag and Mike LOVES beach music. He will be playing YOUR favorite Shag songs - be sure to ask for your request. Come out and play with the "Monster"!! He'll be sure to keep your toes tapping.




Join the Coastal Shag Club! We want you to become a member and dance every month - Join the party and let's shag!!


2019 CSC Membership Drive


2019 Membership Renewal/Application


Option 1:  GOLD MEMBER STATUS - Make a one time payment of $60.00 per person.  This option serves two purposes.  The club member does not have to pay the $5.00 admission at the door each month and all dues are paid in advance.  You save $30.00 per year if you attend every dance.


Option 2:  SILVER MEMBER STATUS - Make a one time payment of $30.00 per person. The member must also pay the $5.00 each month at the door.  If you come to every dance, you will have paid $30.00 extra with this option.  If you choose this option, you may join at any time during the year.  






SOS Cards are available through our club.  You save $5 if you buy them from the club ($30 instead of $35 per person).  SOS Cards get you into North Myrtle Beach SOS Events at NO CHARGE.  If you don't have a SOS card, you can still attend the beach club events, but it will cost you $10 per person, at the door of each club. 


There are three SOS Events in North Myrtle Beach, SC every year - Mid-Winter (January), Spring Safari (April), and Fall Migration (September).  All are a guaranteed great time!!




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