Our Committees    

Is there a committee you can help with?  If we all pitch in - the workload is light...Click here to let us know!

CSC BOARD MEMBER – Attend monthly meetings to lead club and determine direction and goals. Increase membership and promote Inter-Club Relations.

·        Publicity - arranging and distributing club publicity locally and broader club publicity during SOS and/or in NMB throughout the year.

·        Inter-Club Relations Invites other clubs to our dances. Attends other shag club & SOS events as a CSC representative; coordinates club road trips to other shag clubs or SOS group events (when and where we all meet)


DANCE AND HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Responsible for organizing dance facilities, determining monthly themes and decorations, greeting guests and making them feel welcome, and organizing food and supplies on the food tables, and coordinating pre-dance dance lessons. 

·        Decorations - 4 people needed for each dance to assist setting up food table supplies, table cloths and decorations for each dance (2 people arriving at 6pm) and tearing down dance (2 different people staying until completed)

·        Greeters - Schedule "greeters" for the door on dance night to welcome dance attendees as they enter.  Chat with new guests and make sure they feel welcome (what to expect, where is bar, restroom, smoking, etc) Invite guests to sit with members and if they are from another ACSC Shag Club give the name of their club to CSC Club President for announcements.

·        Food Organizes food and food table supplies at events including calling members, as needed, helping order and cook BBQs or Thanksgiving feasts, etc).

·        Dance Lessons – coordinate club volunteers to give a free Basic shag lesson, or line dance lesson, before each monthly dance.

·         Dance Ambassadors Members who invite new single attendees to dance to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to shag, if they’d like to.


HISTORICAL COMMITTEE - Responsible for creating an electronic history of the Coastal Shag Club to preserve its integrity and use as a point of reference for future board members.


COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE Responsible for creating and sending out all communications to club members and “friends of the club.” Monitor current communications for accuracy and relevance. Suggest improvements to communication. Document club events with pictures. Publicize events online and in newsletters and local newspapers.

·         Newsletter Published monthly. Contributes or gathers articles, info, jokes, drawings, or other items, and helping with photo pages, layout, stamps, labels, etc.  Publishes committee’s announcements, as needed.

·         Website - Updated as needed. Contributes or gathers info, suggesting web links, or other items (photos, etc.) to maintain and improve our web site.  Posts committee’s announcements, as needed.

·         Information Management - Monitor current communications for accuracy and adequate information and for suggesting changes or additions to current communications.

·         Publicity Communicates club events, achievements and charitable contributions from our club to the general public (newspaper, local web pages, etc).  Creates flyers and ads and help post and distribute them.

·         Photographer Photographs events, as they occur and share photos with the Newsletter and Website teams.


SUNSHINE COMMITTEE - Responsible for sending “Care Cards” for birthdays, get well, sympathy, significant life events, etc. to members.

MEMBERSHIP AND EVENTS COMMITTEESuggests and coordinates outside events and activities for the club members to enjoy as a group outside of our monthly dances. Responsible for developing ideas to increase membership, to make membership as fulfilling as possible for current members.

·        Bonus Club Events - bowling night, riverboat cruises, and club parties at local outdoor summer concerts, bus trips, and caravans to other shag club dances.

·        Road Trips – Organizes trips to other ACSC Shag Club parties and events for a CSC group to attend together.

·        SOS Parade Designs and organizes CSC in SOS Spring Safari Parade.


ANNUAL CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE - The purpose of this committee is to plan, schedule, publicize, solicit donations, oversee registration, prep and clean-up day of event.  Volunteers are needed who either have expertise or interest in golf course events, marketing and publicity, scheduling, sponsorship/donation solicitation, event registration, event catering, and setup/cleanup assistance.  A minimum of 12 volunteers are needed for this project…more would be great!